What can it do?


  • Exact addresses

  • Towns and Tourist points around the country

  • Closest restaurants, sorted by category (chinese, italian, fast food, etc.)

  • A residentinal area (colonia) you do not know

  • Fuel stations, banks, ATMs, pharmacies, hospitals and other points of interest.

  • Browse the points of interest closest to your calculated rout or closest to your current location.

  • Store your favorite locations for easy navigation between them (friends, family, work, customers, businesses, etc.)

  • Option to load your destinations from your computer



  • The optimal route, you pick between the fastest or the shortest

  • Estimated time of arrival

  • Total route distance

  • Distance to your next turn

  • Recalculates your route if you find a blocked street or if you miss the programmed route



  • To your destination even if you have never been there.

  • Q-Find will guide you through voice and images the directions to your planned route

  • Different language for voice and text (English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, etc.)



  • Current Latitude, Longitude and Elevation

  • Current Traveling speed (more precise than the vehicle’s speedometer)

  • Average traveling speed

  • Total time in movement and total stopped time

  • Your trip's Maximum speed


  • No monthly fees for the satellite service

  • Option to turn on through pass code (security option)

  • Gives you the current satellite time (precise to the second)

  • Compass, calculator, currency and unit conversions

  • Image visualization (jpg, etc.)

  • 3D o 2D visualization

  • Update the automobile’s icon

  • Rechargeable battery and fully portable

  • For use in car, motorcycle, bicycle or on foot

  • Recharge it while driving (charging adapter included)

  • Easy to use

  • Ideal for your business

  • Take it to the United States and keep navigating (Garmin's USA maps included)!


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